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Ms. Smallwood's tips for a Sizzling Summer of Fun & Learning!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Balance is always easier said than done. As caregivers, we are constantly trying to find ways to keep our children engaged and active while maintaining daily responsibilities. We connected with Ms. Smallwood, a grade school teacher who has been teaching in the public school system for over 25 years, to learn just how to put the S in summer. Here are Ms. Smallwood’s tips for a Successful Summer.

Make it an adventure -Create a treasure hunt to help your child find a new book. A fun visit to the bookstore or library to pick stories your child can read at least 20 min per day.

Stay engaged -Ask questions about the reader to understand the plot and your child's story comprehension. Use the 5 finger rule to choose a just-right book. Reading is great for young readers.

Work with Tech_-Promote educational sites to help your child navigate technology and build skills.

Even in the summer, learning can still be awesome! Use the tools that help you connect with your child. The YouTube channel "Awnie's House” is a great read-aloud platform. Engage in the story, ask your child questions, and allow them to answer factual and critical questions. Let's ask...

“What would happen if...?” “What might happen next...?” “How did the character feel?” “Why did the character say, do or feel a certain way?”

I also recommend ABCYA, PBS Kids, and Prodigy math and English, create a free account.

There are plenty of age-appropriate math and literacy workbooks at your local dollar store or supermarket. Don't count out going to a local teacher store in your area; they aren't only for teachers, they are parent-friendly as well. Age and grades are marked on most products.

Visit the museum in your area and plan a trip to the zoo. Make it a great experience, ask your child to write about their favorite animal or that cool space exhibit they just saw at the museum. is also a great resource to find in your area.

I hope you little scholar enjoys the summer with these fun activity suggestions to help prepare them for the fall.

All the Best,

Ms. Smallwood

Newark Public Schools

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