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About Us



So how did I land here? Motherhood. I have many things I can look back on that make me proud. My greatest accomplishment calls me Mommy. Before motherhood, I was driven only by my career, which is still very important to me, however I knew my life and priorities shifted from the first moment Noah and I made eye contact. My relationship with my son inspires everything I do. It’s a tricky balancing act, managing work, home and finding seconds for myself, but his growth and future are my daily responsibilities. 


I began writing stories to teach Noah about the world around us. His experience growing up during the pandemic limited his interactions with others and impacted his social engagement. My goal is to maintain an open dialogue with others to uphold relationships, promote check-ins with our family, friends, and peers and learn how to stay culturally connected. 


The role I aspire to promote as a creator involves supporting an environment that maintain the brightness of our children’s future.

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