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I'll Have August -Hold the Allergies

It's August! The time to prep for a new school year and find a moment to get in some last-minute family fun activities. What better way to do so than discover joy under the sun? With so many environmental changes, it is essential to prepare in advance. So, before you run to the beach or plan a playdate in the park, check out some great tips for organizing your adventures.

Dr. Garen Wolff is a board-certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine and fellowship-trained Allergist-Immunologist. She uses her social media presence to educate her followers, all while maintaining the position of Chief Allergy-Immunology physician of Wolff Allergy and Asthma in Detroit, Michigan.

An Allergist-Immunologist is a physician that treats allergic diseases such as seasonal and food allergies, asthma, skin conditions like hives, eczema, and diseases of the immune system. She enjoys producing videos and podcasts on asthma and allergies.

Dr. Wolff offers excellent tips for creating an allergy-friendly outing. For people with food allergies, eating outside your home [comfort zone] can present challenges with the unknown. No worries! Dr. Wolff is here to help. Here are some tips:

  1. Ask about allergies. You need to know about safe food prep if someone has an allergic condition.

  2. There's a saying that less is more. This is true for dining out or picnics. Keep your menu simple. Fewer ingredients mean less potential for unexpected allergic reactions.

  3. Family of chefs! Prepackaged foods may save time but can contain hidden allergy triggers. Get the little ones in the kitchen to assist you, make learning about food fun, and have a good time -that's what I call comfort food.

  4. Pack food separately. If your picnic contains an array of foods for allergic and non-allergic guests, pack items in separate sealed containers or bring two baskets and designate one allergy friendly. Also, bring hand wipes and use condiment packets rather than shared jars to avoid cross-contamination.

  5. Keep it clean. Pack a clean tablecloth to prevent allergens from foods leftover from previous picnics.

  6. Prepare for an emergency. Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen). Check cell phone coverage at your picnic or campsite, especially if you're headed to a more remote area.

Have questions for Dr. Wolff comment below or you can connect with her directly.

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